The Perfect Bridesmaids Gift

Bridesmaids' Box for Under $40

Wondering what to gift your bridesmaids? What is a gift in which is something they will use and keep rather than take a picture of and discard…. I HAVE THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOU.


Putting Together A Perfect Bridesmaids Box

So, you are newly engaged and after the big celebration, the planning sets in. It can be overwhelming and time consuming. I can’t say I’ve been there, but I understand it from friends and family in which I have helped. Plus, I worked for a Wedding Planner for a few years in college – I understand! 

Building the PERFECT Bridesmaids Box and Keeping it Under $40

  1. The box itself (I love this design from Amazon) it is a 10 pack for $20 linked HERE
  2. Confetti or Filler Paper – purchased from Dollar Tree, Amazon, or make your own!
  3. Bath Bombs – who doesn’t love these gifts? They are perfect and so fun to give. These from Etsy ($5) are GREAT HERE
  4. Mini Champagne Bottles!! Of course, this one is self explaining 🙂
  5. Cosmetic Bag from KenzKustomz HERE
  1. $2 Per Box
  2. $0.50 Per Box
  3. Bath Bombs $5 Per Box
  4. Mini Champagne Bottles $7
  5. Cosmetic Bag Personalized w/ 2 letters $24

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